Rose Sullivan

Rose is a self-taught photographer who first became interested in photography on a trip to Italy in the early 80s--

using a Nikon 35mm film camera that she didn't own, Rose had to learn on the fly---literally--figuring out the basics during the 8 hour plane ride from New York to Rome. Although there was a fully equipped darkroom in the basement of the family home, Rose never learned to use it, as she didn't really like to go into the basement. So, relying on figuring out how to shoot the photo she wanted, she depended on Kodak's film processing to deliver the prints. The arrival of digital photography was a Godsend! Rose's philosophical interest in the medium is based on her perceived similarity of photography to memory. The photographic image can recall the past in ways that appear so realistic, yet sometimes we know the filters, and poses, imposed upon the subjects can erase those details we'd just as soon forget. Also the moon -- Rose is fascinated by the moon.