A Brief History

The Woodbridge Art Gallery made its debut on Fulton Street in the Spring of 2009, as the Woodbridge Artisan Guild. WAG was the an outgrowth of the Mayor's Committee on the Arts, and many of its founding members were a part of that committee. WAG was formed as a non-profit organization to focus on three things: expanding the availability of art, supporting local artists, and providing educational opportunities to artists young and old. Art is vital to human development and to building strong and innovative communities.

With the support of Woodbridge Township and Mayor McCormac, WAG expanded out of its original space, and relocated to the Main Street location in the Fall of 2012, with additional space for studio work and art classes. 

Our Board is made up of members of the Woodbridge Community. It is their love of art that drives our mission. With the support of Woodbridge Township and Mayor McCormac, we are able to show off the talents of our artists. Our gallery is operated by the hard-working artists who show here. We started in 2009 in order to provide a venue for local artists. The business of the Guild is handled by various committees and the Board that take on everything from advertising to housekeeping. Active participation by all members is essential to the success of our gallery.

Our Mission

  • Contribute to the Woodbridge art community

  • Support local artists

  • Provide art education and opportunities

You can support our cause by becoming a contributing member, donating, or volunteering your time.